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Tele-Line specialized in engineering voice communication system for help call or alarm reporting in an emergency situation. We provide comprehensive services encompassing from fabrication of user customized size and shaped cabinet to system installation, commissioning as well as testing of a product. Product specification and its construction materials can be selected to meet mounting and coating requirements while vandal proof, environmental independent or water resistant features can be implemented to meet customer's unique application.



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Help Point System


Help Point Unit intercom system is  designed  and manufactured for  Mass Transit Railway, and public spot serving as assistant facility to assist passengers or people who are in need to communicate with operator for assistance.

It  is  an automatic faulty detection system where out of  service indication will be lid to warn users or the service provider about its status when the system is not working properly. 

The system equips Induction Loop System to facilitate people who  use hearing aid "T" button.

The design is complied  to EMC regulation and IP65 water resistant requirements.


Wall Mount Metal Case Intercom System
A wall mount intercom system is designed  to provide  voice communications  path between operator and passengers.


Desktop Metal Case Intercom System


A desktop master intercom unit allows operators to monitor any assistance service requested by passengers and  provides   voice communication  path between operator and passengers.


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