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IP Traffic Generator & QoS Measurement Software Tool

IP Traffic is a software testing tool that is used for certification of various type of IP networks included Wired , Wireless, WiFi, WiMax, Satellite and PLC etc.. It is suitable for TELCOs, ISPs, Evaluation Labs, Enterprise Users, Network equipment manufacturers, network solution providers and R & D to evaluate traffic performance and quality of service over various type of IP networks.



The testing tool can run on any PC with Windows 98, 2000, XP or Windows Server 2003. It can generate, receive, capture and replay IP traffic, and measure end-to-end performance and Quality Of Service over any IP fixed or mobile network.

This traffic generator can be set with a large set of different parameters and manages 32 simultaneous IP connections (TCP or UDP).

The use of an external GPS kit provides an accurate reference clock. This allows time stamping of IP packets sent or received and measurement of QOS parameters over the IP network used.
Another external system with an even more precise timing reference, and designed by ZTI, will be soon available (named ZClock: ZTI clock box): see the features part for more information.

From the diagram below, you can see how IP Traffic is used in an IP network.

IP Traffic - Test & Measure offers the main following modules:

¡¥IP Traffic generator¡¦ with multiple modes to generate traffic and real time statistics. A replay traffic mode is particularly useful to generate real traffic (web session, FTP, videoconferencing, ¡K) captured in real time with the traffic sniffer module.

¡¥IP answering¡¦ module with real time statistics.

¡¥Traffic Sniffer¡¦ to capture IP traffic in real time. Captured traffic can then be replayed by the ¡¥IP Traffic generator¡¦ module.

¡¥Traffic observer¡¦ for the on-line or off-line analysis of many QOS pa-rameters
(send and receive): throughputs, inter packet delay, Packet Erasure Rate (PER), packet transit delay, ... A graphical analyser with many features provides a view of IP traffic on each IP connection, and the user can configure parameters and statistics to export in a file for use with an external tool (Excel for example).

Two operating modes: normal or remote (for remote control of a PC with ¡¥IP Traffic - Test & Measure¡¦ used as server).

The design of the <IP Traffic> man machine interface offers a main window allowing easy access to all functionalities and commands. Counters and Indicators give an overview of the global IP traffic activities (see the interface below).

The opposite figure illustrates the different flows managed by IP Traffic:



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