Dialer Module MT-91F840

Use Tele-Line dialer module to develop customized telephone sets for designated customers

Key Features    
  • Dtmf/Pulse switchable dialer
  • Two by 32 digits redial and save memory
  • Thirteen by 16-digit one-touch direct memory
  • Ten by 16- digit two touch indirect repertory memory
  • Chain dialingPulse-to-tone (*/T) keypad for long distance call operation
  • Users 7x7 keypadEasy operation with redial, flash, pause and */T keypads
  • Pause and flash can be stored as a digit in memory
  • Minimum tone output duration: 87 ms
  • Minimum inter tone pause: 87 ms
  • Flash time selection 70ms/100ms/300ms/600ms
  • Pause time=3.6sec
  • Minimum pulse mode interdigit pause:800ms
  • Pulse mode make/break ratio:40/60
  • 4 level of volume up-down control





MT-91F840 telephone dialer module is a CPU based 23 memory dialer embedded non-volatile storage memory for dialing number. It has unique user or factory programmable feature that autodialing memory number can be retained even power supply is not presented. The unit is available in COB-DIP or die form. It is suitable for new design telephony products, autodialer and direct replacement existing telephone I.C. with customized features.

Options of enhanced features are available for customers require LCD display, customized ringtone, FSK caller ID, DTMF caller ID, DTMF detection, SMS receiving, handsfree speaking, automatic call detection, call waiting and various user defined functions etc..



Telephony Products Applications tca8200-scn-1
The  design is a  high quality brand caller I.D. number display telephone using Tele-Line Dialer module. The telephone is suitable for both DTMF and FSK CLIP mode system. 

The received number is stored in non-volatile memory so that the  previous received number content is retained even power is  lost.

A dedicated  production test sequence is embedded to   meet  customer's  high quality  automatic production  test requirements.  


Public Facilities Applications

The unit  is  designed and manufactured for  Mass Transit Railway station as public facility to assist passengers to communicate with station operator. 

It equipped an Induction Loop System to support   people who  required hearing aid assistance.

This  is  an automatic faulty detection system which will give out of  service indication when system is not working properly.

The design is complied  to EMC regulation and IP65 water resistant requirements.

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