SMS Dialer Module

Use Tele-Line SMS dialer module to develop SMS telemetry devices

Key Features    
  • Auto send out SMS message stored in EEprom.
  • Auto receive SMS and stored in EEprom
  • Auto recall SMSC when received errors
  • Built in DTMF generator
  • Built in FSK generator
  • Software decoding FSK/DTMF signal
  • Dual SMSC operation
  • Support PSTN interface
  • Support RS232 or USB interface
  • Operated at low voltage





SMS Dialer module is a CPU based dialer with a series of built-in sms functions which applied in SMS applicatons. It is used to build SMS telephones, SMS telemetry devices and help phone with automatic reporting and maintenance checking functions.

Options of enhanced features are available for customers requires LCD display, customized ringtone, FSK caller ID, DTMF caller ID, DTMF detection, SMS receiving, handsfree speaking, automatic call detection, call waiting and various user defined functions etc..



Remote Blood Pressure Reading Applications tca8200-scn-1

With a pioneering eHealth concepts, Tele-line developed a smart telemetry device to transmit BPM reading to mobile telephones or desingated eHealth caring system via telephone line. The unit can be programmed with proprietary User ID which suitable for applications adopt from individual to large scale of users implementations.


  • Use with proprietary Blood Pressue Meter
  • Report Blood Pressure Reading to Mobile Phone or Call Centre.
  • Proprietary User ID suitable for large scale implementations.
  • Record measuring time included Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minute.
  • Report Systolic value, Diastolic and Pulse value.
  • Connection to home telephone line jack
  • Send infomation via SMS
  • Led incatate power and send status
  • Power with 5v adaptor
  • Dimension: 95mm x 125mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 150g
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