We supply a range of  CPU and CPU-based  modules  that are applied by engineers to design and manufacture various communication and control products.

Tele-Line is dedicated to meeting our customer's unique requirements in development of telephones, autodialers, PABX peripherals, public facilities, security systems and communication modem products. We have deliveried high quality and reliable solutions to branded companies such as KPN, Philips, SBC, Siemens Etc.



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Dialer Module
  • Dtmf/Pulse switchable dialer
  • Two by 32 digits redial and save memory
  • Thirteen by 16-digit one-touch direct memory
  • Ten by 16- digit two touch indirect repertory memory
  • Chain dialingPulse-to-tone (*/T) keypad for long distance call operation
  • Users 7x7 keypadEasy operation with redial, flash, pause and */T keypads
  • Pause and flash can be stored as a digit in memory
  • Minimum tone output duration: 87 ms
  • Minimum inter tone pause: 87 ms
  • Flash time selection 70ms/100ms/300ms/600ms
  • Pause time=3.6sec
  • Minimum pulse mode interdigit pause:800ms
  • Pulse mode make/break ratio:40/60
  • 4 level of volume up-down control


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SMS Module
  • Auto send out SMS message stored in EEprom
  • Auto receive SMS and stored in EEprom
  • Auto recall SMSC when received errors
  • Built in DTMF generator
  • Built in FSK generator
  • Software decoding FSK/DTMF signal
  • Dual SMSC operation
  • Operated at low voltage


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